Raymond Lam and Dilraba Dilmurat Headlines Costume Drama that Starts Filming in March

Dilraba Dilmurat, Alex Fong, Hansen (Ying Hao Ming), and Guo Rui Xi attended the press conference on March 7 for their new drama “Liu Shan Men” (六扇門)(I have no idea what the english title is). Raymond Lam did not show up at the press conference but they did show a clip of him saying that he is hoping to create an unforgettable costume drama.

The production team behind “Liu Shan Man” is also the same team that has worked on “Sword of Legends” and “Legend of the Fragrance” which had garnered impressive ratings and love from viewers. Director He Shu Pei says that you will see an upgrade in the quality of their costumes, props, and sets. They have designer Lawerence Xu to personally create high quality costumes for “Liu Shan Men”.

This marks the first collaboration between Raymond Lam and Dilraba Dilmurat and has garnered high expectations from netizens. Even before the press conference, their collaboration were a hot discussion online and were favored by many. Dilraba says she is a fan of Raymond with his many classic TVB dramas and is ecstatic but also nervous to be able to work with her idol.

After taking part in the successful costume drama “Swords of Legends”, Dilraba is now the leading lady for “Liu Shan Men”  and plays the role of Su Yi Qing, a smart and brave female warrior who was adopted by Emperor Qi (played by Alex Fong) ever since she was young. Her only goal in life is to protect Emperor Qi. However she falls in love with the constable Shen Li Xing (played by Raymond Lam) from the Liu Shan Man Court/Government House.

Dilraba says that she finds many similarities between her character she played in “Swords Of Legends” and her character as Su Yi Qing. Both have a powerful force that backed them, grew up among boys, and possess straight-forward carefree attitude. However her role in “Sword of Legends” was much more naive with no worries while Su Yi Qing has more of a warrior attitude and was about 100 times much better in martial arts. She reveals that there will be lots of fight scenes and that she is looking forward to them.

In all of her previous dramas, her characters were the type to pursue after the male and netizens have dubbed her being in the forever pursuing curse. She expressed that she would like it if she could play a character that is pursued by the male character instead.

Alex Fong who has just wrapped up the filming of “the Legend of MiYue” is heading right into the filming of “Liu Shan Men”. He tells the media that he is taking on the role of the villain. When he was reviewing the script, he felt that the role would be a nice challenge for him because his character used to be a cowardly Emperor but later gets a dramatic change and becomes the ultimate villain.

It’s funny how I randomly clicked on this article to check on what Raymond Lam was up to and became very interested in it. I have yet to watch any dramas from him ever since he has left TVB. One: being that I don’t like dubbing and knowing that he is a cantonese speaker, even if the producers use the actor’s real voice, Raymond’s voice will definitely be dubbed. And two: I have recently been feeling that Raymond is just another pretty boy. It’s not to say I don’t like him and that he’s a horrible actor because every single dramas he has been in while at TVB were all favorite dramas of mine. However I find that the roles he play can be easily replaced by a different male character.

I think what made me want to watch this was because of Alex Fong. He is definitely not a favorite actor of mine but for some reason, after seeing his smiling face with that adorable mustache (and I usually hate anyone who sports a mustache), my heart longed to see him. He generally played lukewarm male characters that does not know how to express his love while at TVB and I was glad to see a familiar face in the chinese drama landscape. I think chinese drama producers made the right choice in recruiting Hong Kong actors to star in their dramas because when I see a familiar face, it makes me feel more comfortable when I am watching that drama and I also feel like I can a connect with the actor/actress more. I haven’t seen him in a while ever since “A Great Way to Care 2” and did not hear news of him switching into the chinese market. However, I do wish him success and prosperity.

Lastly: I found out who that dancing maiden in “Sound of Desert” was. When I was watching “Sound of Desert”, there was this extremely pretty girl that I couldn’t find out who it was and nobody who read my blog knew who she was or bothered to tell me. It turns out that maiden is Dilraba Dilmurat and I am definitely excited to see her with the leading role in this drama. She only appeared in 2-3 episode near the end of the series of “Sound of Desert” but she left such a deep impression on me. I guess you can never obscure a shining star.  She is also playing second female lead in the currently filming “Diamond Lovers” which stars Rain and Tiffany Tang that I am also in the lookout for.

Anyways this drama will start to film in late march and it probably won’t get aired until one or two years later but I will definitely keep this on my radar.

Fans of Raymond Lam and Dilraba Dilmurat, are you guys excited for this drama?

P.S. I realize that there are two hong hong entertainers with the name Alex Fong. One is the multi-talented singer, swimmer, and actor and the other is Alex Fong Chong Sun. Don’t mix them up.

original article and images from sina


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