Nicky Wu’s New Drama “To Advance Toward The Happiness” Airs March 3

I recently just found out that Nicky Wu had a new drama coming out. I’m surprised that this drama didn’t have much hype going around and I didn’t hear much about it either.

Broadcast date: March 3, 2015

Episodes: 42

Synopsis: On the day of the wedding, the groom’s ex-wife shows up with their son creating a scene and sending the bride, Han Xiao, into a car accident. The groom Yan Pei Qing is a obstetrics doctor and while he was urgently treating his wife, he found out that she was pregnant and on top of that, he discovers she has a malignant tumor. As his eyes are dripping with tears, he removes the tumor and to protect his wife, he keeps the cancer a secret from his wife. After losing the baby, Han Xiao falls into depression. The incident with the ex-wife has created many misunderstandings between her and her husband, causing Han Xiao to mistrust her husband and she does not have faith in her marriage anymore. Faced with so many problems, how does Yan Pei Qing take on the responsibility and protect all the important women of life- his wife, his ex-wife, and his mother.


Nicky Wu plays Yan Pei Qing -a professor and head of the obstetrics department. After getting his degree in the US, he decided to return back to China. However his wife An Qi who liked living in the US, refused to return with his so they divorced. He then became the head of the obstetrics department and married Han Xiao.

An originally loving couple had their marriage ruined by the appearance of Pei Qing’s ex-wife at their wedding and they soon underwent a string of problems. He tries to rescue his marriage despite losing his wife’s trust.





Tang Yu Hong plays  Han Xiao- a writer and wife of Yan Pei Qing







Wang Xin plays  Shu Wen Bo- the vice president of the hospital and heads the Psychiatric department. He falls in love with Han Xiao and becomes love rivals with Pei Qing. He is our perfect antagonist as he tries to break the shaky couple apart.






Cica or Zhou Wei Tong plays An Qi -Yan Pei Qing’s ex-wife. She is the mother of a 6 year old child and has her mind set on reuniting with Pei Qing.






Hu Yang plays Yang Chen- a lawyer in training who falls in love with Han Xiao. He choose to silently protect her and stays with her through her darkest times.








Xu Di plays Li Yu Mei-Yan Pei Qing’s mother who does not like Han Xiao one bit. She tries to end their marriage with whatever method she can.






This seems like one of those dramatic dramas that I can picture myself screaming at the screen. There seems to be an endless amount of conflict that our Nicky Wu has to face.

It clashes with my much anticipated drama “Cruel Romance” that is airing on the same date, so I am sorry to say that I won’t be watching this. I was trying to look for the synopsis to see what it was about but I couldn’t find any so decided to translate this for Nicky Wu fans who do want to watch this.

Check out the trailer below

After watching the trailer, I feel even more against watching it. With that couple minutes of trailer, I already feel annoyed at the characters. For those who do watch it, I wish you luck.

Leave me a note and tell me if it’s good or not.


2 thoughts on “Nicky Wu’s New Drama “To Advance Toward The Happiness” Airs March 3

  1. Where and when can we get a copy of the above movie? We are from Malaysia. Dont seem to see many Chinese movies with English subs around here. Not much publicity alao


    • Frankly I don’t know when people would sub the drama. Subbing videos are really based on fan efforts or if a popular streaming company buys the copyright like dramafever or hulu they would sub it. But if the fans don’t have time to sub the video, then there won’t be any subtitles for it. Another site I like is viki which has many languages and depend on fans to sub dramas but I just checked the site and there isn’t even a fan page for this drama. Even raw videos are difficult to come across as I live in America, I can’t get access to chinese streaming sites. I rely on youtube but the videos are quickly deleted by the companies. Good Luck in finding subs. I would say that the best bet is viki. If the drama is popular enough, fans on viki would sub it. For now try out the drama “My Sunshine” or “Sound of Desert” which was pretty recent and had good reviews.


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