Unionbay Releases Couple Shots of IU and Lee Hyun Woo for their S/S 2015 Campaign

IU and Lee Hyun Woo  reunites as they model for Unionbay for their S/S 2014 campaign, looking sweet and cute. The milky-faced couple gave off a casual and carefree attitude while posing as couples.

iu and lee hyun woo


Even though all the outfits are all everyday clothing, this pair makes the clothing so desirable. Unionbay was right to choose them as the models.

Pictures originally from Sina

Just a question to anyone who knows about picture copyright issue. I got these photos from Sina and they erased the Unionbay logo. I saw that all the other sites that released these photos didn’t erase the logo. Is there a problem with posting these pictures on blogs with logos on. I feel that since I didn’t take these picture, we should leave the logo on to give the company credit. But I am sure Sina erased the logo for licensing reason, just don’t know what the reason is.


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