Behind The Scenes Video for “Cruel Romance”

I’ve have been obsessively rewatching the trailers for Cruel Romance and I found out there were many different versions of the trailers. There were so many different ones that I can piece together a couple of them and I kinda get the gist of the storyline.

What’s more? I found the behind the scenes of “Cruel Romance” where actors and producers talk about each other and their characters. There are three different ones that I was able to find and they all talk about different topics.

Check them out below

I find that when I do know the actual release date of dramas, I tend to get more excited and obsessively look up stuff about it when it’s near the date. OMG I can’t wait for it’s release on March 3.

P.S. I’ve already picked up a quote from the drama. It’s something along the lines of even if it’s something I don’t want, I will be the one to break it. When it’s broken, the broken pieces are still mine.


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