Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung Confirmed in New Drama “Sensory Couple”

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Park Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung are confirmed in the new drama for SBS “Sensory Couple” that will air in April. It was reported before that Kim Ji Won and Suzy had turned it down and finally Shin Se Kyung will play the lead.

The drama is based off of the webtoon titled “Girl Who Sees Smell”. It’s about a woman who survives an accident called “The Bar Code Murder Case” and suffers memory loss but becomes extrasensory.

Park Yoochun plays a character that goes into a coma after the murder case. However, when he wakes up after 3 days of coma, he loses all his senses and can’t smell, taste, or feel pain.

I am a big fan of Yoochun after seeing him in “Rooftop Prince”and his acting skills throughly impresses me. On the other hand, I love Shin Se Kyung as a celebrity, but her lukewarm expressions doesn’t seem to vary much in the dramas that I’ve  seen her in. Her character in “Fashion King” went through lots of hardships so I could understand her melancholic expressions, however her acting and expressions were exactly the same in “When A Man Loves” and her reviews for “Blade Man” weren’t positive. I don’t know if she chooses the same type of characters to portray or if that’s the way she acts. I hope with this new drama she can give the viewers a new image of her and allow us to look at her as an actress and not just a pretty face.

What do you think about this couple chosen for this drama?

update: 3/1/2014

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Kim So Hyun has been confirmed to play Choi Eun Sul, Park Yoo Chun’s sister who is the main cause of the accident.

original article appeared in soompi

update article appeared in soompi2


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