New Mystery Drama “Lady’s House” Starring Cecilia Han Starts Airing February 27

I saw the promotional posters for “Lady’s House” aka “the home of the lady” (淑女之家) awhile ago but felt that it looked too depressing. Since the posters only had females dressed in bold red colors, I felt that it was more of power struggle/ scheming type of drama and decided to pass it. Then I found out Chen Xiang (who I think looks a lot like Lee Jun Ki) and a bunch of other good looking actors were in it so decided to take a look at it.

I was surprised to find that it is a mystery.

Synopsis: It takes place in Shanghai in the 1930s where the main character Zhou Jin (played by Han Xue) comes from a poor family. She recently finds out about her birth secret and finds out that her father had die 10 years ago due to an unknown cause. Wanting to know the truth and to help her father reveal any foul play, she conspires with her childhood friend Su Zhi Wen to infiltrate into Shanghai’s prominent Shen’s residence. However she finds out that this “ladies’ house” that has a beautiful and glamorous appearance is actually in a dire crisis.

Fang Rou Zhi, the eldest sister is a two-faced person whose true intentions won’t be revealed on her face, Fang Qi, the second sister has psychological damage, Ceng Yu Shan, the fourth sister who only has eyes for money, and Ling Ge, the third sister who carries the burden of the family secret. Zhou Jin has to be cautious of all of them, as she steadily searches for the secret, little by little she starts revealing the truth. In the process of uncovering the secret, she finds that behind this unspeakable secret there are countless hidden stories of love and struggles. Caught between this love-hate dilemma, Zhou Jin gradually find her true feelings, and chooses to head in the correct direction. As she persistently investigates the truth to find the real murderer, the cold ice built up in her heart slowly melts and she later decides to protect her home with her family in the end.

Our heroine Zhou Jin played by Han Xue aka Cecilia Han is described as a smart but stubborn individual with a strong desire for revenge. She keeps her secrets well hidden and nobody can tell what she is thinking.

En You Liu plays the male lead Jian Dong Ping who is a newspaper editor that ultimately helps the “Lady’s House”

Chen Xiang plays detective Han Wen Liang who is free and easy going but is also dedicated. This character is a newly added role and his character is based off of the writer’s lover.  He coincidentally meets Zhou Jin in a gun shooting case and slowly understand her plight and falls for her tenacity. Even if the whole world abandons Zhou Jin, he will stand by her side and be her guardian knight.

Ma Tian Yu plays the Su Zhi Wen who is the Zhen family’s pianist and Zhou Jin’s childhood friend. He is the only man that is part of the household that is kind and sensitive.

Cecilia Yip plays Chen Bi Yun who is the head of “Lady’s House”. She is born into a wealthy family and is a powerful woman that doesn’t care about feelings. However she understand the heart of a woman and has weak moments where she considers a women’s and a mother’s feelings.

Lillian Wang plays Fang Rou Zhi  who is an elegant and gracious oldest sister that is cunning and deceitful and handles all the family business transactions. She has gone through hardships that no one knows about and has hidden pains from her past.

Lemon Lei Yang plays Fang Qi is the second sister who has an artistic temperament that makes her a very special person in the lady’s house.

Rachel Mao plays Zhen Ling Ge the thrid sister. She has been sent overseas ever since she was young and because of changes in the family, when she returned back to the “lady’s house” only to find out his father has passed away. Her mother Chen Bi You will marry the third time and she will face many obstacles.

Apparently this drama has been broadcasted back in May 2014 and is being reaired starting Feb, 27, 2015. All the episodes are already out so if you want to marathon through them you can.

There is a total of 31 episodes.

Since I have only recently started to appreciate chinese dramas, I am actually not familiar with any of the cast aside from Chen Xiang which I saw him in the korean mini drama “Secret Angel”. However I feel that with the older female cast, this drama will definitely not disappoint in the quality acting aspect and we can expect some intense scenes.

I just finished Lady and the Liar and loved it. I didn’t know I would love a period drama that much and have been avoiding this genre. This one is set in the same time period and for those who want some sort of revenge or mystery, you can try this one out before my much anticipated Cruel Romance starts airing on march 3, 2015.

Check out the trailer and the theme song sang by Han Xue below. You see some impressive sets in the trailer.

synopsis and character introduction translated from baidu

posters and stills from sina, sina2


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