“Triumph In The Skies” is Scheduled to be Released on February 19 with newly released Valentines Day Promo Posters

triumph to the skies

The long awaited film adaption of the popular hong kong drama with the same title has announced their release for February 19. The story centers around the responsibilities and burden of being pilots and flight attendants and their romance.

I have watched the original “Triumph in the Skies” when I was really young and it fueled my dreams to be a flight attendant. Of course that dream never materialized and when I watched scattered episodes of the sequel it still brought back memories of my younger self dreaming to a flight attendant.

In the sequel, I think the addition of Julian Cheng as “Captain Cool” was such a wise decision. I think he is the only one that can play that character with that much charisma and poise while not making him look haughty. Also I usually do not like a younger-man older-sister relationship but the chemistry between Kenneth Ma and Elena Kong totally made it work. Elena Kong is a versatile actress that I really like. Usually actors most actors can only portray a certain set of characters but she can morph into any character and bring out each character’s distinctiveness. I remember there was a TVB series where in the beginning she plays a timid wife that gets beaten by her husband and looked scared and weak all the time but after she got a divorce, she returned back to work force as a lawyer, her entire countenance changed. She looked bright and full of confidence and her former timid self was completely gone.

Anyhow for this film adaption of “Triumph in the Skies” we can expect to see our favorite actors and actresses regain their former roles and also see new faces added to the lineup with love lines blossoming between Louis Koo and Charmaine Sheh, Sammie Cheng and Francis Ng, and Julian Cheung and Amber Kuo while watching all this unfold in backdrops of different countries including England. The only couple I dare say is a bit mismatched is the Julian Cheung and Amber Kuo couple. I have nothing against Amber since I loved her in “Love Forward” however, being placed next to the charismatic Julian, I feel that Fala Chen would be a better partner for Julian. But I have faith that she would bring her own individuality into the interpretation of her character. Just by looking at the main casts right now, I think she is the only taiwanese-speaking cast member also. Of course I have to mention my favorite couple would be Charmaine Sheh and Louis Koo Couple. Judging by their stills, I feel their scenes would be oozing with chemistry.

louis koo and charmaine sheh francis ng and sammi cheng julian cheung and amber kuo

I actually don’t like how they release beforehand how the characters would be paired up because it takes away any surprises. Furthermore, if they don’t give the paired couple a happy ending I end up getting angry.

I love all the characters in this film. This film has done so much promotions and mini-actor/actress interviews that I am sick of seeing them and is glad that the wait is finally over. They released  lots of  stills and posters and I am only going to post a few that I like the most on this blog. For the rest of the photos you can check my tumblr account or the original link that I got them from sina below.

Our charismatic Pilots:

Strict Samuel Tong (played by Francis Ng) and rocker TM Tam (played by Sammi Cheung)  couple. More photos of Francis and Sammi couple on tumblr

Jayden Koo aka “Captain Cool” (played by Julian Cheung) and Kika Sit (played by Amber Kuo) couple. More photos of Julian and Amber couple on tumblrI did a double-take when I saw the Harry Potter cosplay. At a glance I thought it was Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe.

Branson Cheung (played by Louis Koo) and Cassie Poon (played by Charmaine Sheh) couple. More photos on Louis and Charmaine couple on tumblr


The newly released valentines day promo posters are so sweet. As I was uploading these photos onto my tumblr account did I realize that all three of our leading ladies have a pixie cut.

Every one was present at the screening and press conference

Check up the trailer with english subtitle below. In the video they used the original theme song that was used in the original hk drama that aired in 2003. It is sung by Eason Chan and is one of the few cantonese songs that I know the entire lyrics to.

image credits to sina1, sina2, sina3, sina4, sina5, sina6, sina7, sina8, sina9, sina10

tumblr account : link1, press conference pic, couple posters

trailer credits to NMplusCHANNEL


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