Up To Now, “Kill Me, Heal Me” Claims the Throne in the Battle Between the two Multiple Personality Dramas

Ever since the start, people have been wondering which drama “Hyde, Jekyll, and Me” or “Kill Me, Heal Me”, both of which revolves around the male lead having multiple personality disorder, would take the lead in ratings.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research MBC’s “Kill Me, Heal Me” achieved an 10.9% viewer rating on thurs Feb. 11, 2015. SBS’s “Hyde Jekyll, Me” hit a new personal low with a 5.1% viewer rating.

Before the dramas were aired, I had wanted to watch “Hyde Jekyll, Me” more than “Kill Me, Heal Me”. From the all the news that I have been seeing,  “Kill Me, Heal Me” seems to be more of a romantic comedy with lots of cuteness added in which would be an easy watch because who doesn’t like romantic comedies. “Hyde Jekyll, Me” seems to have a more serious tone. However since both dramas have different story lines, if I had the time, I would definitely watch both of them to compare their interpretation of the different characters.

I love Hyun Bin’s interpretation of his character in “Secret Garden” and would like to see how he takes on switching between two different characters again, just like how he did in “Secret Garden”. This is also his first drama ever since being out of the army so I was anticipating this drama and I was shocked to see the stills for “Hyde Jekyll, Me” since I couldn’t recognize his face at all.  On the other hand, I also watched “Secret Love” starring Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum and loved their chemistry, the anguish, and the way how Ji Sung’s hatred and obsession for Hwang Jung Eum slowly turned into love. I still don’t know which drama to watch first but by the time I finish my current dramas, I will make a decision.

I just realized that I haven’t been seeing any images or gifs on tumblr regarding “Hyde Jekyll, Me” while there has been lots of that gif with Ji Sung wearing a bunny pajama etc. popping up all over tumblr and news of the lip tint selling out after he was seen wearing it. Now that I think about it, ratings have much to do with what we see in the media and online. Even without Nielsen’s report, “Kill Me, Heal Me” seems to have more hype, popularity,  fan base compared to “Hyde Jekyll, Me”.

Let’s hope “Hyde Jekyll, Me” doesn’t turn out too bad because I would be so devastated to miss out on Hyun Bin’s return to dramaland.

top image from asianwiki

original article appeared on sina


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