Healer Episode 1 and 2 First Impressions and Highlights Recap

My first impressions of Healer after watching episode 1 and 2

Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young

After seeing all the stills and gifs from tumblr, I already got a feeling that this would be an action-packed James Bond style drama. I had deliberated whether to watch this or Pinocchio first but this seemed far more exciting. And I was right !!!


Right at the start of episode one, you find our main character Seo Jun Hoo (played by Ji Chang Wook) heading into a mission. You see him using fancy gadgets, fighting against an army of bad guys, and almost gets run over by train. While he is doing all of this, he is consistently muttering in his earpiece to his partner  Jo Min Ja (played by Kim Mi Kyung) who is profiler that is responsible for backing him and relays him mission, analyzes scenes and hijack into devices, that he wants to back out of this mission and that it is not worth risking his life for such a measly pay.


We get to see our second male lead Kim Moon Ho (played by Yoo Ji Tae) who is a popular news reporter that helps the needy, fights against injustice and reveals all the dirty-covered-up secrets of businessmen.



He just so happens to be our female lead Chae Young Shin’s (played by Park Min Young) idol. Chae Young Shin is a entertainment/gossip news reporter who goes through any means to take a photograph like faking sickness to enter someone’s house.


However there is also a dark side of Kim Moon Ho as we see that he has a gang of people that works for him to dig up news. He enlists “the Healer”, Seo Jun Hoo’s code name, to bring him Chae Young Shin’s DNA, who he suspects to be his lost niece.

We then head into episode two, where we see Jung Hoo trailing Young Shin. Of course they need to add some skinship so once the bus moves, Young Shin falls right into the arms of Jung Hoo and he quickly turns his head away so he can’t be seen.


Growing up with a bunch of ex-convicts, Young Shin has learned all the secrets of opening a lock and pickpocketing. In combination with her strong sixth sense, she could feel that someone was trailing her so she tries to lose him but “the Healer” being one step ahead of her, steals her backpack. After finding him, she tries to detain him and calls the police but was held hostage and we see a breath taking scene were he smashes the mirror so he can’t see his face.  Thinking that she’s dead meat, Young Shin holds her breath as she watches “the Healer” heading for a cutter knife only to grab a nailcutter to cut a piece of her nail. I had no idea that you could get DNA from a piece of nail but I guess since you could get it from hair, why not from a nail.

There is also a brief narrative that takes place as Jun Hoo tells others to address him simply as a courier and not a burglar, criminal, entrance breaker etc. while he dons many different outfits to steal information kept under scrutiny.

screen_shot_2015-02-11_at_74403_pm screen_shot_2015-02-11_at_74411_pm screen_shot_2015-02-11_at_74527_pm screen_shot_2015-02-11_at_74600_pm

Young Shin is confirmed as Moon Ho’s niece and he then commissions “the Healer” to find out more about her life.

They bring in an element of hilarity into this drama but starting off a morning with “Sweet not dull” music as described by Young Shin’s father Chae Chi Soo (played but Park Sang Myeon) and we see the father-daughter couple slowly getting into vibe, dancing, sashaying, belching to the music. I especially like the comical aspect of Chul Min (Woo Hyun)  an ex/convict who now works as a cashier at Chi Soo’s coffee shop, who places two coffee cups over his ears to shield himself from the jarring music.

We then see a bit more into Moon Ho’s background who spent his childhood with his brother running away from cops for revealing truths that no one dares speak about on their radio program. We also see that he is also wiretapped his brother as his brother seems to be involved in some conspiracy.

“The Healer” continues to follow Young Shin and provides clips to her daily life which Moon Ho likes and tells them to find what her dream is.screen_shot_2015-02-11_at_72351_pm


Upon breaking into her house to find a diary, Min Ja tells him to pull out of this job and go into hiding because the police suspects him of murder which he disagrees and says he needs to stick by her side to find out her dream because there is a blurry CCTV picture of him when he held her hostage and a picture of reporter Moon Ho thumb tacker to her wall.


I did not want this post to turn into a recap but it has turned into somewhat of a semi-recap so I am retitling this as a highlight recap since I didn’t go into depth about everything.

After watching about month of cdramas, since all the kdramas don’t seem that interesting, I have finally returned back to the kdrama scene.  Healer proves to be a nice action-packed drama with humor placed in the right spots. This is the type of action and secret service agent quality that I wanted to see in “7th Grade Civil Servant” that they failed to deliver. The mystery and action so far is not as intense as “IRIS” but is definitely on par with “City Hunter” which also stars Park Min Young. I definitely like her character in here more. Our heroine has a goal of being the best reporter, has a sense of righteousness and possesses the skills of a burglar which helps her out take sneaky pictures- traits that are not commonly seen in a female lead. I like that the character is not all too innocent like other the other female characters we see in dramaland.

This hostage scene feels weirdly romantic to me. It’s the perfect first encounter for our two main leads. It’s intimate since they are the only ones in the bathroom and there lots of skinship since he’s hold her close to him. When he covered her eyes I get the feeling that he is actually protecting her from seeing something wrong. Yet we have to be reminded that both of them are opponents right now since she is being held against her will and wants him arrested for stealing her backpack.


My favorite scene would have to be the father and daughter duo singing and dancing to the “sweet” song in their coffee shop in the morning in episode 2.

This is the first time that I am seeing Yoo Ji Tae and I thinks he portrays image of a righteous reporter well with a hidden side of darkness. I find him to resemble a lot like Lee Ki Woo from “Flower Boy Ramen” and actual mixed them up until I looked up his name.

Ji Chang Wook revives his name- at least in my dictionary as I skipped the past couple dramas he starred in and could not finish “Bachelor Vegetable Garden” which gave me a bad impression of him. He was able to fit into all his disguises without looking too cheesy and looked badass as a secret agent type character. He’s a lonely person with no friend, yet he carries out his mission trying to hurt the least amount of people and displays compassion when he stops filming Young Shin after  she reveals a sensitive moment in her life.

All in all I feel that this is a nice drama filled with action, romance, a little bit of comedy, and I suspect some dark secret to be unveiled as we proceed further into the drama. I would definitely recommend this.  🙂

BTW I love Woo Hyun in here. He’s always played  nasty characters in the past but in this one he’s so sweet to Young Shin feeding her breakfast and he was so hilarious to cover up his ears with two coffee mugs.


Thanks for reading,

Please let me know what you thought of Pinocchio because right now if seems like I might skip Pinocchio to watch the cdramas that are airing right now (“Lady and the Liar” and”Cruel Romance”).


2 thoughts on “Healer Episode 1 and 2 First Impressions and Highlights Recap

  1. Omg Pinocchio was amazing for the first 3/4: pacing was amazing, keeps you on your feet and wanting more. but then it sorta dragged the last few episodes. But it is definitely worth watching, at least give it a try and stick to it for the first few episodes ^_^


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