Victoria Leaves the Country in the Middle of Filming the Chinese Remake of “Noonas Over Flowers”




In the midst of filming the chinese remake of the popular korean variety show “Noonas Over Flowers” in Turkey, Fx’s Victoria reportedly left the country, causing the entire filming of the show to come to a stop. According to a member of the filming crew, Victoria seemed lonely and absentminded through out the filming. Netizens have speculated that since Victoria and the other cast members had such a huge age gap and cultural difference from being debuted in Korea, she wasn’t able to assimilate well with the rest of the cast and felt neglected. Other netizens said that it’s because Victoria wasn’t able to let go of her idol image and didn’t perform up to the expectations so she was sent home. There has not been any statement released by Victoria or her management. This remake was supposed start airing in early march and allegedly, a mainland actress is currently being rushed to Turkey to finish the filming.

Despite all this, it doesn’t seem to be affecting her next project “Beautiful Secret”, a c-drama, as stills for that drama with her riding a scooter was released today.

I think that it may be because of her tight schedule as she reportedly started filming for “Beautiful Secret” on January 8.

Does anyone know what’s happening since it was unclear in the original article when she left and where she went to.

original photos and article appeared on sina,

“Beautiful Secret” Stills released on allkpop



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