Sunggyu, Yura, and Han Chae Young to Star in New Web Drama “Love Detective Sherlock K”

Infinite’s Sunggyu, Girl’s Day’s Yura will be working with lead actress Han Chae Young in the new web drama “Love Detective Sherlock K”. The drama is expected to air in the late February with a total of eight episodes.

yura  han chae young  sunggyu

Han Chae Young will play Sherlock K, a dating psychology profiler who hides her beautiful looks and lives as a man.

There will be a love line between Yura and Sunggyu where Sunggyu plays a second-generation chaebol playboy while Yura plays a top star named “Yura”.

Recently there has been many successful web dramas that garnered immense popularity and a staggering amount of views for example, “Love Cell”, “Aftermath”, “Dream Knight”, “Afterschool Bukbolbok” etc. I’ve started to watch was “Love Cell” and “Afterschool Bukbolbok” but didn’t get to finish it. I like it but I feel that most web drama tends to ere on the cute and silly spectrum- with the exception of “Aftermath”. I like to unwind with a drama and find that it’s annoying to keep on clicking on the next episode every 5-10 minutes. If “Aftermath” was a full length drama, I think I would be so addicted to it. Every time the episode gets to a climax, the episode ends, ruining the excitement.

Judging by the storyline, I think this will also be one of those silly dramas however the casts in here are amazing. Han Chae Young has always been called a human barbie doll and I think she totally fits the title. However, there is this sly, fierceness in her eye and defined features that make her a good candidate to portray a male. I am excited to see Han Chae Young portrayal of a male.

What do you think about the recently popular web dramas?

Share your feelings below 🙂


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