“Love Weaves Through A Millennium” Releases Teaser and Posters

“Love Weaves Through A Millennium” aka Love Across Time aka Love Through Thousands of Years aka  (相愛穿梭千年) is a chinese remake of the popular romantic time-traveling korean drama “Queen In Hyun’s Man” and is set for broadcast Feb. 15, 2015.

Synopsis: It is a story about an imperial scholar Gong Ming being accidentally transported two thousand years later in the modern time period where he meet Lin Xiang Xiang an actress playing the role of a queen.  The story revolves around love, commitment, dreams and fate. According to Koala’splayground, the story is set in the same time as the time in “Sound of Desert”.


Love weaves through a millennium

I am waiting for you a thousands years later…………. Upon seeing, can’t forget, frantically thinking about you

Character Background:

54d2cc1b53efc704_1549675_724821Gong Min 公明 ( played by Jin Bo Ran) accidentally finds that he can freely travel through time and falls in love with a modern day actress Lin Xian Xian. He lives in the Han dynasty under the reign up Emperor Cheng and helps Empress Xu battle against the favored concubine Zhao Fei Yen.




54d0768d1d0af704_1547651_139897Lin Xian Xian 林湘湘 (played by Zheng Shuang) is a modern actress who upon hearing a new drama is casting for the role of a queen rushes over to the interview only to bump into her superstar ex boyfriend Han Yu Fei 韓於飛 who ruins her interview. But upon returning home, she receives a call that she got casted in the drama. She is an optimistic heroine, who upon meeting the imperial scholar, undergoes a sweet but yet bitter love for having to be separated 1000 years apart.


Jin Jing 金晶 nickname Sister Jing 晶姐( played by Xie Yi Lin) has been the manager of  Lin Xian Xian ever since her debut. She is a cynical and vicious/fierce lady that is able to easily tell if others are faking in front of her. With her sharp tongue, she gets into arguments and has hurt many staffs due to her harsh words.

54b8be27cf6a0704_1533128_422869Chen Xiang as Wang Mang 王莽 (played by Chen Xiang)  He is one of the young leaders in the Wang Family and is a close friend of Gong Min ever since childhood. However because Gong Min sides with the Empress, they become split into opposite sides and become the greatest enemies.

54c1ab5c919d2zv_q-cczmvun5311326Huang Bo Jun as Han Yu Fei 韩于飞 (played by Huang Bo Jun) is the new “King” in showbiz and is Lin Xian Xian’s ex-boyfriend. With his good looks, tall stature, charming smile, and easy going nature, he quickly became popular.





54b8be32cc6b9704_1533132_721622Zhou Yu Tong as Ying Yue 影月 (played by Zhou Yu Tong) is a female guard brought up by Gong Min’s family. She has been beside Gong Min ever since they were young and grew up together. As time passes by, she deeply admires Gong Min but since Gong Min only treats her as a sister, she keeps her feeling deep inside her.

54c1ab5b7e862w3tp-awzunex9289436Nana from Afterschool as Zhao Na Na 赵娜娜 (played by NaNa from afterschool). plays an inconsiderate and stubborn top star that does as she pleases.



Peng Ling as Zi Xiu 子修 (played by Peng Ling) He has no parents nor a name. As Wang family’s servant he doesn’t know anything about life and only faithfully completes task and commands given by his master. Ever since he was young, he has gone through extensive swordsmanship training. Under his master’s he sets on a journey to kill Gong Min.



First official teaser:

First OST released Love You But Can’t Meet by Wei Chen

It is a ballad that they will most likely play during sad scenes.  I instantly liked it when listening to it the first time which usually does not happen. With this impressive song, I think the drama will be a success. Let’s just hope the dubbing doesn’t sound too annoying.

Additional posters and still. They released a lot.


54c60174564c8704_1540633_77504654b390f939efc704_1528019_29162154d2cc2185ecc704_1549679_60467754c6018c27329704_1540642_12261054c6018aa47dc704_1540640_97147954d1bc06e2938704_1548973_83529954d1bc0c9e5f6704_1548975_44307954c60175a1d50704_1540636_61942354b390f9e926f704_1528021_32754554c1ab54479c7n4qt-avxeafs032210854d1be2a8c665704_1549041_800347 54d1be2d46d3c704_1549043_31035754d49239d82c7704_1551043_392067 54d2cc230cd41704_1549680_93606354d4924060b24704_1551046_172152 54d4923c1450d704_1551044_16848954d07683cb523704_1547645_89548854d076870fd93704_1547647_28539754ceeab170eb7704_1546007_333169


54b390fab087d704_1528023_45883254d0768a0a300704_1547649_77175654b390fb71b46704_1528025_988662 54b8be1a6b457704_1533127_504688 54b390f6ac248704_1528015_476438


I watched “Queen In Hyun’s Man” and loved it. I wouldn’t say it’s the best but it was a nice journey and with all these pretty stills released, it me want to watch it. This is the power of marketing and giving out eye candy.

I am more interested in this drama because of the second leads. What got me to even look at this drama is that this is Nana’s first C-drama and I believe her first acting experience. She looks striking in that side shot. I am currently watching “Loving, Never Forgetting”, got to know Huang Bo Jun from there, and is surprised that he’s in this too.

Anyways I look forward to this release. Right now I am pretty interested in chinese dramas and actually think that this chinese remake may be able to triumph the korean version. Usually I don’t think remakes ever beats the original but this might turn out to be an exception.

Yeah for a remake or nah and skip?

Thanks for reading

Please comment below if you have a chance. Gladly appreciate any comments, questions and feed back 😉

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synopsis based on wiki.d-addicts

character background from baidu

originally posted koala’s playground

images from sina

credits from XDRAMAsX for video teaser

credits to Tian Tian for OST



3 thoughts on ““Love Weaves Through A Millennium” Releases Teaser and Posters

  1. I’m just curios by any chance do you know why they always do the dubbing of the voice of the actor and actress there already Chinese what’s with the dubbing of there voice


    • I have no idea. It’s a question that has puzzled me for so many years. I would understand it if they dub NaNa’s voice since she doesn’t know chinese or if they dub a person that speaks broken mandarin. My best guess is because they have to standardize the language because even with mandarin there are lots of different accents. I find the mandarin heard in taiwanese dramas to be a lot easier to understand and it sounds more like cantonese compared to mandarin spoken by actors from mainland china.


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