My Sunshine Episode 5 Recap

My Sunshine 5 recap

Episode 5 starts off with Yi Cheng displaying his skills and wowing the judges at the debate competition. Mo Sheng is happily snapping up pictures of her crush and she shows the pictures to the team after the competition.


Of course Shu Ying is the only one in the team looking displeased and when Mo Sheng asks about Yi Cheng since he was nowhere to be found she gladly replies that he is alone with a smart and pretty girl outside, effectively discouraging Mo Sheng.

Mo Sheng find Yi Cheng outside talking with another girl and Yi Cheng signals for her to come over but she doesn’t come over until the girl leaves. The girl is graduating and asks Yi Cheng for a date but he declines. Yi Cheng then asks Mo Sheng why she didn’t come over when he motioned her to. She shyly yet brightly replies that the other girl is confessing, how could she be in the way. In times like this, there is something called first comes first served so she felt that she needed to wait until her turns comes and adds that in order for her to prevent the confession, she would need to be given a title (as a girlfriend).

screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_32716_pm screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_33921_pm

Back at school there is a rumor going around that the smart and popular He Yi Cheng has a girlfriend named Zhao Mo Sheng and her friends goes to congratulate her. Upon hearing this, Mo Sheng brushes them off saying they must have mistaken but then was afraid that Yi Cheng would misunderstand thinking that she was the one spreading the rumor, so she frantically searched around the campus for Yi Cheng hoping to clear up the misunderstanding. When she went to explain to Yi Cheng, he said that he knew she didn’t spread the rumor because it was him who spread the rumor. And here comes the classic quote that you will see quite often in the drama “If you are destined to be my girlfriend in 3 years, then why don’t I claim my rights to it beforehand.”


She excitedly tells her best friend about officially becoming Yi Cheng’s girlfriend and we watch as she goes through her dating life- choosing clothes to wear with her friends and sitting next to Yi Cheng while he’s studying in the library.

screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_35407_pm screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_35430_pm screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_35502_pm

One day, she asks Yi Cheng why he chose her as his girlfriend. Yi Cheng says he doesn’t really know and in fact he hasn’t really thought clearly about it. Mo Sheng quickly jumps in and tells him not to think too deeply about it, I will be a great girlfriend. Yi Cheng nods and replies as long you listen to me then I am fine.


Back at school, Yi Shu continues to bully Mo Sheng whenever she has a chance- claiming that she was in the wrong classroom and that she forgot to buy an extra lunch for the teacher. Now, Yi Cheng comes to her aid, saying that there is no rule about bringing a girlfriend to class and that he will give up his lunchbox and share one with Mo Sheng-further infuriating Yi Shu.


Yi Shu confronts Mo Sheng asking if she felt pleased with herself because she shouldn’t be at all-hinting that having Yi Cheng as a boyfriend isn’t something to be proud about. She proceeded to criticize Yi Cheng saying that he may be popular in school but when he is out in society, he is just a worthless penniless person. He couldn’t even afford to go study abroad and had to give up his position to her.


The usually meek Mo Sheng suddenly became bold and responded that everything that Yi Shu has up to now was given by her parents. Each person is born differently and there is nothing that she can be so arrogant. Mo Sheng tells her to watch Lives of Famous People where she will find out that lots of Rich/Famous people were born poor but later became successful. Yet others people born with a silver spoon in their mouth ended up becoming poor and hopes that she won’t be part of the latter group. She continues on saying that she is not fit to be in the same class as Yi Cheng and not worthy of getting the chance for studying abroad. Losing the argument, Yi Shu leaves telling her to wait and see and to stop lying to herself.


Yi Cheng overhearing the conversation, tells Mo Sheng that she didn’t have to do that for him. He thinks to himself that he will remember this and in 3-4 years, he will be able to provide a better life for her.

One day, Mo Sheng  calls Yi Cheng telling him that she doesn’t have time for him today. Yi Cheng gloomily goes to his dorm. His friend seeing him like that asks why he’s unhappy and if he had quarreled with Mo Sheng. His friend continued on saying that he hasn’t really done anything for Mo Sheng-haven’t even bought her flowers- and girls need to be treated sweetly and not the other way around, implying that it’s his fault for not being a great boyfriend.


He goes out to buy a gift for Mo Sheng but when he get’s to the camera shop, being unable to afford a nice camera he thinks to himself : ” hope she can endure through this period of poverty with me”. At night, Mo Sheng meets up with Yi Cheng and wishes him a Happy Birthday but is sorry she couldn’t find a suitable gift. Yi Cheng tells her it’s fine and to close her eyes and they kiss for the first time.


It is now winter break. Her friend teases Mo Sheng that she will be the only one that’s not happy since she won’t be able to see her boyfriend for the entire month which Mo Sheng proudly responds that she and Yi Cheng’s hometown is in the same city. Mo Sheng is reminded to ask for Yi Cheng’s home phone number but Yi Cheng says he doesn’t have a phone at home. Mo Sheng gets angry at Yi Cheng for the first time since she remembers that he had called home before and thinks that Yi Cheng doesn’t want to let his parents know he has a girlfriend. (note: in chinese society, generally parents don’t like their children to date young and prefer them to secure their jobs and schoolwork first).


Back at home, her father opens her up and tells her to have confidence in herself and that he has already given her an explanation. He is poor and couldn’t afford to study abroad so there is a possibility that he doesn’t have home phone. After thinking it through, she felt her father was right and immediately brightened up.


She decided to look around in the city hoping to bump into Yi Cheng that way and coincidentally does. However he is walking with another girl. Upon seeing him, Mo Sheng runs toward him holding his hand but Yi Cheng seems awkward and gently pushes her hand away. My first thought was I hope he’s not double timing. Mo Sheng introduces herself as Yi Cheng’s girlfriend while Yi Cheng introduces the girl as his sister, Yi Mei. His sister doesn’t look to happy.

screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_44529_pmscreen_shot_2015-02-05_at_44405_pm screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_44416_pmscreen_shot_2015-02-05_at_44411_pm

He then pulls her aside to speak privately and he promises her they would move back to the dorms together. We find out later that apparently Yi Cheng had promised his sister that he wouldn’t get a girlfriend in college and that Mo Sheng became his girlfriend only after she kept pestering him.


Later we see them moving into the dorms and since Yi Mei’s school was close, she came along. Upon seeing Yi Cheng, Mo Sheng quickly ran over to greet them, only to be reprimanded by Yi Cheng that she shouldn’t leave her luggage unattended. Mo Sheng then complains that Yi Cheng and Yi Mei doesn’t looks like they are brothers and sisters since their attitude are so different. We then find out that Yi Cheng and Yi Mei aren’t real brothers and sister but since Mo Sheng didn’t know about it, Yi Mei felt that Yi Cheng doesn’t care about her and they aren’t really close.


At school, they are all eating together at lunch and Yi Cheng’s friend joins them, happily thanking Yi Mei. Confused Yi Mei asks what she has done, in which his friend replies that since she is the third wheel, he wouldn’t feel awkward when he comes and sits with the couple. Mo Sheng brightly replies that they aren’t the third wheel and that she’s good friends with Yi Mei and is even ditching Yi Cheng to shop together with Yi Mei. However Yi Cheng and Yi Mei both look awkward.


Mo Sheng treats Yi Mei like her best friend, buying her cupcakes for her birthday and shopping with her in which Yi Mei also feels her sincerity and kindness but she can’t reciprocate. She feels that Mo Sheng and Yi Cheng aren’t compatible and they will break up pretty soon so as long as she waits patiently, she would be able to have a chance with Yi Cheng.


While they are walking back to the dorms, Yi Cheng tells Yi Mei that she should head back first. He then takes Mo Sheng to a quiet area and passionately kisses her. Yi Mei accidentally overseas this and decided to take action to win back Yi Cheng. note: I was so surprised by how passionate the kiss was.

He Yi Cheng and Mo Sheng Young

screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_51807_pmscreen_shot_2015-02-05_at_51816_pm screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_51820_pm

Yi Mei calls Mo Sheng out to have lunch together, on the other hand Yi Cheng receives a call from Mo Sheng’s father to meet up. Yi Mei tells Mo Sheng that she and Yi Cheng aren’t real brother and sisters and aren’t related in any way. They used to be good neighbors and after Yi Cheng’s  parent’s died her parents took him in. Mo Sheng, confused, tells her to note joke around and that Yi Cheng has never said anything about it. Yi Mei responds that Yi Cheng does not have to tell an outsider about his family matters. She tells her outright that she wants to secretly love Yi Cheng and wants to compete with her for Yi Cheng. She reasoned that since they have known each other since they were young, Mo Sheng doesn’t have a chance. She reminds Mo Sheng that Yi Cheng has never really confided anything important with her.

screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_54117_pm screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_54120_pm

Mo Sheng waits for Yi Cheng at his dormitory hoping to get some explanation. When he finally shows up, Mo Sheng happily holds on to his arm but he shrugs her off. Without looking at her, he tells her to not look for him again. Mo Sheng asks what’s the matter in which he just repeats what he said before adding I don’t want to see you again. Then he looks at Mo Sheng and says I rather I had never met you and walks away. Mo Sheng stands there thinking that Yi Cheng has chosen Yi Mei over her.


We are finally transported back to current time, the night of when Yi Cheng goes to Mo Sheng’s studio and asks for the photo back, and see both Yi Cheng and Mo Sheng lonely, thinking about their past. (reminder: All the flashback we are seeing from the past couple episode is Mo Sheng thinking about their past after Yi Cheng goes to her magazine studio to ask for her photo back.)


screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_55125_pmScreen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.11.44 PM


The next morning, Yi Cheng tells the receptionist at his office to tell Mo Sheng to come speak with him when she arrives. Later on, the receptionist brings in an envelope that was left by a woman. It’s the picture of Mo Sheng when she was young. Yi Cheng quickly rushes out.

screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_61125_pm screen_shot_2015-02-05_at_55333_pmscreen_shot_2015-02-05_at_61153_pm


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Episode 5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I found this episode to be pretty boring. I don’t care about what happened in the past. It’s important to know what misunderstandings they went through in the past but what I want to know is what will happen to our leads. For the whole entire episode I didn’t even get to see our main characters until the very last minutes. Although I do think the younger counterparts played their roles pretty well, I still miss Tiffany Tang and Wallace Chung.

Eager to see Tiffany and Wallace in the next episode.

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PS at this point viki already has up to ep 18 all english subbed

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