Running Man Encourage Fans to Retweet on Twitter to See the Appearance of Yoon Eun Hye

kim jong kook Yoon eun hye running man

Ever Since Kim Jong Kook mentioned his former onscreen couple Yoon Eun Hye, saying he thought of her as his woman when they were filming “X-men” on “Healing Camp”, their love line has been brought back into spotlight.

On Feb 5, SBS tweeted

“#Running Man summons ‘#YoonEunHye’! RT to summon Yoon Eun Hye onto Running Man! Achieve 10,000 RTs to bring Yoon Eun Hye onto Running Man #RT_to summom_YoonEunHye #RTGoGo.”

and also shared a video of the times where others tease Kim Jong Kook by mentioning Yoon Eun Hye’s name to distract him and get him agitated. See the video here


I wasn’t into korean entertainment when their love line was popular when they filmed X-men so I don’t really know the details of the love line. However, I have heard of it so many times in Running Man and Jong Kook’s alarmed reaction at just the mention of her name piqued my interest. Check out this soompi post which brings up lots of similarities that hint that they may be a real couple.

I love Yoon Eun Hye ever since her appearance in “Coffee Prince” but not so much in “Lie to Me” and I didn’t watch her more recent “Marry Him If You Dare” or “Missing You”. Aside from reportedly filming “After Love”, a korean-chinese melo-movie, with Park Shi Hoo and from time to time appearing in fashion spread, I haven’t really seen her much and would be delighted to see her appearance on Running Man.

SBS originally only wanted a goal of 10,000 retweets and it has already achieved doubled the amounts to roughly ~20,000 RT at the time I am posting this. But retweet away if you want to see her appearance on because the more the merrier.  😉

BTW I think all of this is just a marketing tactic by SBS. From Jong Kook mentioning her on “Healing Camp” which is an SBS show to this retweet movement on twitter  is all part of SBS. I personally think Yoon Eun Hye is already scheduled for the show and they are just generating hype for her comeback to variety. No matter what I do hope that she appears on Running Man and let’s cross our fingers.

credits to allkpop for original article and english translation for tweet

Check out Jong Kook’s segment on healing camp here

Original tweet on SBSNOW official twitter page below


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