Rain Will Appear in his First C-drama “Diamond Lover” with Tiffany Tang


On Jan 22 Rain, Tiffany Tang, Luo Jin, Dilraba Dilmurat and others held the press conference in Shanghai for the drama “Diamond Lovers” (克拉恋人-literally translated as carat lover)

“Diamond Lover” is an inspirational romantic story about how an ugly women with low self-esteem turns herself into a sparkly diamond and finds happiness. In going along with the diamond concept, each character will be undergoing a development as they find their path into becoming a diamond that reflects off light. They will experience hardships and pains before finally finding happiness. “Diamond Lover” is already in the process of filming in Shanghai since December and they will also film in Belgium and Seoul. The drama is being directed by Chen Ming Zhan (Prince who turns into a frog, My Lucky Star, Fated to Love you- all which I loved) who hopes it will bring positive energy to the audience.

Diamond Lovers have been said to be a much anticipated drama of 2015 because of their A-list cast of Rain, Tiffany Tang, Luo Jin, and Dilraba Dilmurat and also for being Rain’s first chinese drama.

Rain will play a cold manipulative President of a diamond company that looks handsome on the outside but is actually selfish and has a low self esteem. It is a change from the characters that Rain has played before in the k-dramas “Full House” and more recently  “My Lovely Girl”.

Tiffany Tang plays a two hundred pound “ugly girl” that will undergo a transformation into a beauty.  Her sudden change in appearance will cause her to be confused but later she will bravely search for her true love which connects with the drama’s theme that “every woman is a diamond, you need to find your own brilliance”.

Luo Jin plays an obstetric doctor. On the outside he looks like a playboy but is a warm-hearted man that is able to express himself in a special way when it comes to love.

Good girl imaged Dilraba Dilmurat- a rising star-will play a cold superstar.

Because of the language barrier in order to accurately portray his character and emotions, Rain had to memorize all his and his partner’s lines and was said to be very dedicated. When asked about the language barrier, Rain said that he was able to communicated with them “once you look into each other eyes”. He also said that he is learning chinese and used his chinese skills to compliment that Tiffany is pretty.

The production team revealed that it takes about 5 hours everyday for Tiffany to put on her fat person makeup and although her fat image is pretty shocking, when Rain was asked whether he could accept a 200 pound girlfriend in real life he said he could. A 200 pound women can still be pretty.

When asked about being criticized for her expressionless acting in the recently finished airing, highly popular series “My Sunshine”, Tiffany explained that because her character just came back from the US and experienced the loss of a family member and undergoing many changes, her character is really lonely. That’s why she acted that way. When asked how she would face these doubts and criticism,  Tiffany said there needs to be criticism in order for improvement and that she will try harder next time.

Dilraba Dilmurat who was wearing a golden sequined mini dress at the press conference said that her character may look like a glamorous goddess in front of the public but is a nervous wreck that doesn’t accept failure. However, she also feels that her character is cute and kind girl.

Luo Jin who had always played a faithful man is playing a playboy gynecologist for a change. Inorder to take on this challenge, not only did he changed a makeover but he also had to figure out a playboy’s thoughts and actions which will bring out a Luo Jin that have never been seen before.

I can’t believe they released such a horribly photoshopped poster.

Ever since watching “My Sunshine” I have become a fan of Tiffany and was surprised to see that she is working in a drama with Rain. I passed on Rain’s most recent k-drama “My Lovely Girl” since reviews for it weren’t that spectacular so am quite interested to see him in this drama. However, I am pretty sure they will be dubbing Rain’s voice and I absolutely hate dubbing so I am not sure if I will be watching it when it comes out. But we’ll wait until the time comes for me to make the final decision.

I’ve seen Luo Jin before in “Schemes of Beauty” but he didn’t particularly stand out to me. Dilraba Dilmurat is someone I have never seen before. I am awestruck at her beauty. She kinda looks like Jessica C to me and I am excited to see what she can offer.

Btw did anyone realize that Tiffany actually worked with Rain before in the C-movie “For Love or Money”? Did anyone watch it? Was it Good?

Are you highly anticipating this drama?

news article originally from koala’s playground, allkpopsina, sina3, sina4

Images credits to sina, sina2sina4, soompi, sina5tw.weibo.com/5369040666


5 thoughts on “Rain Will Appear in his First C-drama “Diamond Lover” with Tiffany Tang

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  3. I really find Tiffany pretty with short hair like the one in Silent Separation……..and she has some angle that she looks like Jessica of SNSD


  4. I love Luo Jin. He’s a fantastic actor.
    Wish he can take on Rain’s role as the lead instead. This drama will be the 3rd time he and Tiffany collabed together. He and Tiffany both have so much chemistry together! (especially in Agent X).

    But anyways, will definitely check it out once it’s out!


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