Luhan Releases his Remake of “Tian Mi Mi” for the OST of “Comrades: Almost A Love Story”

Luhan releases his remake of “Tian Mi Mi” (甜蜜蜜) a classic ballad sung originally by Teresa Tang. Almost everyone my father’s age loves Teresa Tang. There has yet to be a person in my opinion to sing her songs better than her. Her voice is strong yet smooth and caressing at the same time. Luhan’s version to me seems to carry a bit more of a sorrowful tone to it but it still sounds comforting. Check out the audio below while we wait for the actual MV to be released on February 4.


His version serves as the OST for the movie “Comrades: Almost A Love Story” (甜蜜蜜) released in 1996 and was a masterpiece of Hong Kong Cinema that will be set for rerelease in China on February 13. It is a love story that follows the lives of two mainland chinese immigrants in Hong Kong, played by Leon Lai and Maggie Cheung. I found the classic movie on youtube below. Haven’t watched it yet but the comments all say its really good.

While filming the MV, director Peter Chen wanted to use the most natural and simplistic way to express the truest feelings. As for Luhan’s performance, director Chen praised that he is able to completely express the feelings that he wanted. He finds that there are similarities between Leon Lai then and filming Luhan now. Both had become popular rapidly after debuting and had a crowd of people following them. They also don’t like people to touch their hair. However the artist also trust the director and is willing to place themselves in the hands of the director. He says that he already noticed this 90’s after popular idol when he appeared in “Golden Duck” and “Back to 20” and wanted to find a younger person that would connect with the younger generation. I had no idea Luhan was that active in China. I knew he was in “Back to 20” but didn’t know he also made an appearance in “Golden Duck”. While translating this, I suddenly got very interested in both of these movies which I previously did not care for and I think I will definitely watch “Back to 20” just because Luhan is in it.

Creative fashion director Chen Mann (陳漫) put in lots of effort into styling Luhan so that it would not change the movie’s original feeling. Because of Director Chen’s request, no makeup or accessories were used to show the purest side. He wanted to let simplicity and pureness shine.

While filming the MV, Luhan was said to be very professional and efficiently finished all the shots. Director Chen couldn’t stop exclaiming nice throughout filming. This is the first time that the two are working together, yet they understood each other well and the atmosphere on set was pleasurable. It is being said that the remake of “Tian Mi Mi” is the most anticipated classic song and the most moving remake. It will be renewed with a breath of new life and director Chen hopes viewers would like the MV and that people can appreciate this classic cantonese movie on valentine’s day.

I originally wanted to share Luhan’s version because I have listened to Teresa Teng’s song ever since I was young and was surprised that they would do a remake of it. I did not know they were rereleasing such a classic movie and would never thought I would get so interested in all of Luhan’s movies. However depite being a fan of Luhan, I don’t think Luhan’s version of “Tian Mi Mi” can replace Teresa Teng’s version in my heart.

What do you think of Luhan’s remake of “Tian Mi Mi”?

top image credits to sina

article originally appeared on allkpop and

audio video and mv credits to the dreamer

original movie credits to filmgeek domain


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