Kwangsoo and Miss A’s Fei was Spotted in Hong Kong filming for Running Man

Kwangsoo and Miss A’s Fei was Spotted in Hong Kong filming for the New Year’s Special of Running Man

Lee Kwang soo was spotted on Feb 2, paired up with Miss A’s Fei, filming in Hong Kong for the New Year’s Special. They had already arrived in Hong Kong the night of Feb 1 to prepare for the shoot. They were all over Hong Kong with the mission of making a New Year’s dish. They started at the Central Wellington Street then proceed to Lan Fong Yuen and entered a Korean Restaurant. Later they went to the Wong Tai Sin Temple, followed up with some snack at Mong Kok and finally went to the International Commerce center to film the sunset. While at Mongkok Lee Kwang Soo had to feed fishball to Fei with his mouth.

During the whole entire time, they were in Hong Kong there were lots of fans following them, posting pictures online and even hired five cars to follow them.

At 6, when they concluded filming at the Ritz Carlton hotel, there was already a huge crowd of fans waiting outside for them. When Kwang Soo appeared he waved to fans and roused up the fans to scream and then headed back to the Harbour Grand hotel in Kowloon.

After resting for an hour at the hotel, he went Mong Kok’s infamous Sneaker street to buy sneaker. During that time many fans requested for picture and he even took off his face mask to let fans to pictures with him. 

It is said he flew back to Korea the night of Feb 2.

The Last time RunningMan filmed in Hong Kong was in 2011. For this years’ New Years Special all seven members were said to have been sent all over the world including Thailand, Hong Kong and Jeju Island to film.

Gary partnered up with Kim Sung-Ryoung, who plays Kim Tan’s mom in the drama Heirs, went to Bangkok, Thailand to film. They were said to have eaten at the street stalls and rode in tuk-tuk cars. Gary known for his sweetness to women was frequently surrounded by groups of female fans.

original article and pictures appeared on sina and yahoo. I only translated it from chinese to english.

Lee Kwang Soo is definitely the Prince of Asia. It was so nice of him to take pictures with fans on his own private. His fan service is definitely one of the best.

I don’t usually like to eat fishballs, but looking at the pictures of the skewered fishball makes me want to try them out.

Is anyone excited to see Runningman in HK again?


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