Katy Perry’s 2015 SuperBowl Half Time Performance Deserves an Applause

I know this has nothing to do with dramas but I loved Katy Perry’s 2015 half time superbowl performance so much that I had to write a post on it.  screen_shot_2015-02-01_at_94427_pm

I am not a sports fans and don’t really care about the superbowl. However, I watched Katy Perry Half Time performance online and was bummed out that I didn’t watch it live, HD on my flat screen. Still even if you missed it, it definitely deserves a bit of your time for such a spectacular performance.

I watched it on dailymotion here. The first video I watched it from was already removed so watch it before it gets removed.

Here are some screenshots.

Katy opens the half time performance performing Roar on the back of a tiger. I am still mesmerized and wonder how they made the tiger actually to look like it’s actually walking to the center of the stage.


katy perry superbowl 2015 half time performancescreen_shot_2015-02-01_at_94434_pm

She then performs her 2014 mega-hit Dark House on top of a what looks like a led lighted platform that gives the illusion of a huge chessboard that is changing shape. I liked this performance the most due the 3D effect.


screen_shot_2015-02-01_at_94543_pm  screen_shot_2015-02-01_at_94601_pm

She sings I Kissed A Girl in a duet with Lenny Kravitz  and I like that live touch where he plays the guitar. Brings out rocker in me.

screen_shot_2015-02-01_at_94726_pmShe then changes her outfit and sings Teenage Dream with dancers dressed as sharks. Some people on twitter were already tweeting that the sharks would be their next halloween costume.


screen_shot_2015-02-01_at_94856_pm screen_shot_2015-02-01_at_94746_pm

After she performs a remix of Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) with Missy Elliot who is her secret guest. However Missy Elliott didn’t seem to bring much excited but rather deflated the energy. I am not much a rapper so didn’t know the song but I did appreciate the variety of music that was brought in to this performance so we are able to see some rapping and synchronized hip hop dancing instead of all just pop music.


screen_shot_2015-02-01_at_95006_pm screen_shot_2015-02-01_at_95017_pm

She ended her the half time performance with Firework, dressed in a gorgeous silvery skin-tight dress with a high slit suspended in the air as fireworks bursts all around her, fitting well with the name of the song. I am impressed with her calmness despite being suspended so high in the air and with fireworks bursting from the apparatus that she is attached to.


screen_shot_2015-02-01_at_95049_pm screen_shot_2015-02-01_at_95101_pm screen_shot_2015-02-01_at_95145_pm screen_shot_2015-02-01_at_95714_pm

All in all this was definitely an impressive performance. American rarely give a “performance” if you know what I mean like the idol singers in korean music scenes do, but when american singers do give a performance it is so grand and impressive that it leaves my jaws hanging.

So go watch it right now. I, on the other hand, need to remind myself next year to watch the halftime performance on my HD screen.


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