Unionbay Releases Couple Shots of IU and Lee Hyun Woo for their S/S 2015 Campaign

IU and Lee Hyun Woo  reunites as they model for Unionbay for their S/S 2014 campaign, looking sweet and cute. The milky-faced couple gave off a casual and carefree attitude while posing as couples.

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Behind The Scenes Video for “Cruel Romance”

I’ve have been obsessively rewatching the trailers for Cruel Romance and I found out there were many different versions of the trailers. There were so many different ones that I can piece together a couple of them and I kinda get the gist of the storyline.

What’s more? I found the behind the scenes of “Cruel Romance” where actors and producers talk about each other and their characters. There are three different ones that I was able to find and they all talk about different topics.

Check them out below

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Kim Hee Sun in High School Uniform Looking Nothing Like Her Age

All those people who doubted Kim Hee Sun (me included) could pull of being an undercover high school student will eliminate the those thoughts once these stills are seen.



She definitely doesn’t look her age of 37.

Some people are saying that she may get away with it from these far away shots but once they zoom in, with the HD TV nowadays, she won’t be able to hide it anymore. For me at the very least, she looks fine from these shots. So I am anxiously waiting for “Angry Mom” to air after “Kill Me, Heal Me” wraps up on march 12.

What do you think? Does she look like a high schooler or are you still not convinced?

original article and pictures appeared on dramafever


New Mystery Drama “Lady’s House” Starring Cecilia Han Starts Airing February 27

I saw the promotional posters for “Lady’s House” aka “the home of the lady” (淑女之家) awhile ago but felt that it looked too depressing. Since the posters only had females dressed in bold red colors, I felt that it was more of power struggle/ scheming type of drama and decided to pass it. Then I found out Chen Xiang (who I think looks a lot like Lee Jun Ki) and a bunch of other good looking actors were in it so decided to take a look at it. Continue reading