Silent Separation aka My Sunshine Ep 1-4 Recap and First Impressions

Silent Separation aka My Sunshine aka 何以笙箫默 ep 1-4 Recap and First Impressions

I first found out about this drama when someone asks me to help translate the drama on viki. I went into this drama not knowing what the full synopsis is-just something about a lovers beings separated due to some misunderstanding but later meets again but struggles to get back together due to different obstacles.

This drama is more of a romantic melodrama with inner struggle between leads due to misunderstandings.

It is based on a novel By Gu Man’s Silent Separation which is also the same writer as the person who wrote Shan Shan Comes To Eat which was turned into a drama and I had breezed through.

Episodes: 40

Broadcast: Jan 10, 2015-ongoing

Wallace Chung as He Yi Cheng

Tiffany Tang as Zhao Mo Sheng

Jian Renzi as He Yi Mei

Tan Kai as Ying Hui

Mi Lu as Xiao Xiao

Yang Le as Lu Yuan Feng

Episode 1 Recap

The drama starts off at the airport with Mo Sheng returning to her home country to work as a professional photographer after being an accomplished photographer overseas. She parts with a man in suit whose face is not revealed. The man says if you’re not returning to the US then we shall not stay in touch.

screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_31228_am screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_31256_am

She is well received at her new job at a magazine studio and meets Yuan Feng who is another photographer at the magazine studio and also recommends a placed for her to rent.

rsz_1screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_33135_amYi Cheng is an accomplished professional lawyer but also a workaholic.

screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_31635_amYi Mei who is his half sister and also a famous broadcaster picks him up at the office.  Everyone thinks Yi Mei is his girlfriend.

screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_31640_amUpon seeing this, a lawyer from the opposing company who happens to be Yi Cheng’s classmate in school purposely antagonizes Yi Cheng inquiring about Mo Sheng but then quietly dismissed herself for being rude to mention a past ex in front of the current girlfriend.


In the car, you see that Yi Mei cares about Yi Cheng more while Yi Cheng is indifferent to Yi Mei. Yi Mei keeps telling Yi Cheng to work less and spend more time with her but he says she should find herself a partner to accompany her instead. At the mention of that, she silent. She has a one-side love for him. They head to the supermarket to pick up some food. Coincidentally Mo Sheng is also checking out the supermarket when she notices Yi Cheng with Yi Mei together. Mo Sheng thinks that Yi Cheng ended up in a relationship with Yi Mei but we know that they are only in a brother and sister type relationship. Preoccupied while looking at them, someone accidentally pushes Mo Sheng’s cart and it ends up crashing into a pile of cans. Due to the loud ruckus, Yi Mei looks over and notices that it’s Mo Sheng. She asks Yi Cheng if he wants to greet her but he says there no need to and they pass by each other pretending not to notice each other.


At the first day of work at the photoshoot, Yuan Feng tells Mo Sheng to be careful of Xiao Xiao the obnoxious popular model who has a bad attitude but Mo Sheng tells her she is used to working with uncooperative models and told him not to worry.

tiffany Tang as Mo Sheng

Mo Sheng is relieved to find out that the top model is her roommate from college. However, she is greeted with Xiao Xiao telling her firmly to call her by her stage name. During break, Xiao Xiao  asks Mo Sheng out for a cup of coffee. It seems like a kind gesture to talk about the old times but the conversation was pretty hostile. We find out that Mo Sheng had left the country abruptly during her college years without saying a single word to  anyone. Xiao Xiao seems to be holding a grudge toward Mo Sheng because of that. Furthermore, she feels that Mo Sheng is the cold one for abandoning everyone back at college and tells her that Yi Cheng had waited in front of her dormitory for days after she disappeared hoping she would return but they were only informed later that she had left the country. While she was talking about the past, Mo Sheng on the inside felt bad because she only left because Yi Cheng said he didn’t want to see her again.

screen_shot_2015-01-26_at_91837_pm Because of this animosity Xiao Xiao has toward Mo Sheng she decided to stop the photoshoot early complaining of feeling sick. Yuan Feng was upset at Xiao Xiao unprofessional attitude and got into a dispute with her stating that if she wanted to stop the photoshoot she would need to repay them for their loss and the dispute soon escalated to which both sides decides to sue each other.


So far we are not off to a good start. I don’t understand why they would cast Mi Lu as a top model. She looks like a vampire to me. The first episode I felt was a bit boring but it get’s more exciting as we progress and find out how everyone is related to each other.

Episode 2

Xiao Xiao demanded Yi Chen to be her representative lawyer handling this lawsuit. Yi Cheng advises that it’s best not to sue since she was the one who ripped up the contract but since Xiao Xiao insisted that the photographer was not up to standard Yi Cheng accepted the case but decided to hand the case off to another lawyer in his office since it’s a simple case. However, after finding out the photographer was Mo Sheng he decided to personally take the case.

screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_40312_amHe tells Mo Sheng to bring him her credentials to prove she is professional photographer but when she arrived at the attorney’s office, she was told to wait at a coffee shop until the lawyer gets out of the meeting. She keeps on waiting but it’s already nighttime and no one has shown up.

screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_40632_amWe see people at the law firm getting off work and tells Yi Cheng to also head off since it’s easier to workers to go home if the boss leaves but he says there is some stuff he still has to take care of. Sidenote: The office looks kinda cool with the open concept feel but I’m terribly scared of stairways without railing. I realized in lots of the dramas, the sets don’t have railings. I wonder in asia if railings are not required as a safety precaution.


She has waited at the coffee shop for hours without anyone showing up and has started to rain.

screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_40554_am screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_40613_am  We finally see Yi Chen watching her outside in his car.The assistant reminds Yi Cheng that she is still waiting for him and asks what he should tell her. Wallace Chung as Yi ChengHe tells his assistant to ask her what it feels like to wait for someone but then tells him to forget that and sends his assistant to retrieve the documents instead. He watches as she leaves the coffee shop, running through the rain. In the car, he answers a call and cancels all his plans of going to america. I think he had wanted to work in America to look for her. Once he gets back to the office, he looks thoroughly through her works late into the night, pondering. He is also reminded of their past but Yi Mei shows up to pick him from work and he forces a smile on his face. With all the photos scattered all over his desk, Yi Mei picks up Mo Sheng’s name in the mess and realizes he is working on a case that involves her.

Back at the magazine studio, Mo Sheng is receiving some animosity at work for having caused the magazine company to be in a lawsuit and furthermore being in a state of panic for not having a cover model for their next magazine issue. Yu Feng seeing her felling down and assures her that it wasn’t her fault for the problems and the coworkers are usually very easy going but it’s just this minor problem that is causing a misunderstand.


Mo Sheng is able to find a top overseas model that’s available to help shoot their cover, solving the problem.

screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_45551_amXiao Hong who is another employee from the magazine rushes into the studio with a luggage. She had canceled a trip to hong kong so that she would get a chance to see the male model but the top model had already left.


She treat Mo Sheng out for lunch but they encounter Yi Mei at restaurant. Yi Mei (I don’t know if it’s purposely or accidentally) reveals that Yi Cheng is the lawyer for Xiao Xiao.

 Yi Cheng meets up with Xiao Xiao and asks  if she truly wants to continue the lawsuit. She replies brightly that she hadn’t wished to sue Mo Sheng but thought it would be fun. She purposely wanted Yi Cheng to be her lawyer so that the two former lovers could meet and resolve their misunderstanding.

screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_50100_amYi Cheng tells to stop being annoying. Xiao Xiao reminds him that if they don’t resolve their misunderstanding now, they will never know when Mo Sheng would disappear to US again.  Xiao Xiao seemed like such an obnoxious rude model but in truth she cares about Yi Cheng and Mo Sheng a lot and wants them to be together.


With him purposely making her wait at the cafe, it shows he cares about her. He doesn’t want to reveal his affection and would rather put her in a difficult situation. Yet he still longs for her- quietly watching her outside the cafe and closely looking at the photographs of her works. This is the first signs of his lingering love for her that he is trying to keep hidden. He wants to see her but yet doesn’t want to meet her. There is bitterness built up in him that he can not forget.

I love this type of love. Although we don’t see them loving each other outright, it’s a sort of love that they don’t want to admit but are deeply in love.

Episode 3 Recap

 In this episode we first see evidence that  Yi Cheng still loves Mo Sheng. Or atleast I think it is evidence of lingering love. Yi Cheng accidentally drops his wallet at the supermarket. When Mo Sheng is shopping at the same supermarket,  the police officer there recognizes her picture in the wallet and gives the wallet to her. She insists that wallet is not hers but the police officer says because there is no identification or credit card, they aren’t able to return it to the rightful owner and it’s best for her to keep it. Since it is her photo, there is a higher likelihood that she would know that person. He even hinted that even if she didn’t know the owner of the wallet, the person who owns the wallet must be someone that has a crush on her. screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_10940_am

When she gets home, she wonders if the wallet belonged to Yi Cheng but dismisses that notion since he didn’t want to meet her when they were dealing with the lawsuit.



The picture is ripped off from some sort of application and when she flipped to the back of the photo, she sees the words “my sunshine”. She recognizes it’s Yi Cheng’s handwriting.

She watches at the cafe and waits until Yi Cheng leaves the attorney office before leaving his wallet with the receptionist. Another lawyer happens to see Mo Sheng returning the wallet thought they had an affair and told Yi Cheng to keep his personal life under control since he saw Mo Sheng waiting at a nearby coffee house to avoiding him. From the description that the lawyer gave about a short haired girl with bright eyes who works at a magazine studio who returned the wallet, Yi Cheng deduced that it was Mo Sheng who returned the wallet. He is reminded of Xiao Xiao’s words that who knows when Mo Sheng would disappear back to the US.

At the magazine studio, we see that Xiao Hong exclaiming excitedly that a tall, good-looking man is looking for Mo Sheng. I really like Xiao Hong. She’s the only one in this drama that seems to bring more of a bright cheerful atmosphere. She seems chill, outgoing and is so cute when she displays her infatuation with hot guys.


Obviously that tall good-looking is no other but our star-crossed lover : Yi Cheng. Upon seeing each other- the atmosphere turns icy cold. They address each other as Mr He and Mr Zhao in a formal tone. Mo Sheng asks why he was looking for her and offers him a seat. He continues to stand saying he only has a few words to say so it wasn’t necessary.


He says she was at his office looking for him and said she would return in a couple of days but never went back so he came to visit instead. ( that’s just what she said at the office to avoid others from inquiring who she was) She says since she had already returned his wallet there was no other business so she didn’t return. She then asks about the lawsuit in which he replies I didn’t come here for work related matters and asks her about the missing photo in the wallet.

screen_shot_2015-01-26_at_105427_pmShe says she doesn’t know anything about it but he questions her since there were no form of identification, how would she have known the wallet was his if the photo wasn’t there and tells her to return the photo so that there won’t be any further meetings in the future. She then says the person in the photos is her, why should she return it. He cuts in telling her not to talk about an object’s ownership matters in front of a lawyer. With that threat in the air, she back down saying the photos is not with her and he curtly tells her to return it to him tomorrow. She asks him what does he want a photo of her for. He replies: not sure, probably I keep it by my side to constantly remind myself of my stupid past. He then says he will be back tomorrow for the photo and leaves while she replies she will deliver it to his office.

screen_shot_2015-01-26_at_105842_pmHow did a simple gesture of returning a wallet turns into a such a huge ugly matter denting their already strained relationship? 😱

After hearing Yi Cheng call their past as stupid, there’s a flashback back to her very first day in college. We find that she’s from a rich family with a loving father that dotes her.


After arriving at the college, she sees Yi Cheng who is reading a book, leaning on a tree, and she photographs him. He leaves while she admits that she was secretly photographing him. She asks for his name which he reluctantly gave only after she said she would ask around the entire school for his name.


She was the one who had a crush for him first and repeatedly stalked him and engage him in conversation but Yi Cheng continues to keep a distance and avoids her but he gradually starts to notice her. We find out that Yi Cheng works a part time job yet he’s still the top of the class.


In college, she meets other friends and xiao xiao, who we see used to be her poor roommate and best friend.


Mo Sheng is the third person from the left and Xiao Xiao is the person on the far right

Because of Mo Sheng outright confession, soon the whole school knows about her crush on Yi Cheng. Her friends even accompany her to join the debate club so that she would be able to get close to Yi Cheng.


 The police officer forcing the wallet on her is an event that only happens in dramas. Just by looking at that photo, the police officer was able to realize it was her. Doesn’t he have better things to do.

The young Mo Sheng was such a bright cheerful girl. Even after Yi Cheng turns her down multiple times, she keeps on chasing after him, offering him drinks and pretending to accidentally come across each other when she was actually stalking him. She’s a persistent hardworking girl that fell in love and is willing to sacrifice for her loved one.

So far my favorite scene is when Yi Cheng looks for Mo Sheng at the magazine studio. He misses her, couldn’t resist not seeing her any longer, and is afraid she would disappear again so he finally decides to meet with her. However when they meet, the atmosphere is tense. We see that even when they were young, Yi Cheng doesn’t show his inner feeling easily. Now that he is older and was hurt once, his feelings are even more locked up inside of him. He kept a photo of her because he can’t forget her however he manages to twist things around and say he kept the photo to remind him of his stupidity.

I always liked to find out how they name these dramas or how the title is actually connected to the drama. The title of this drama “My Sunshine” is written on the back of the photo.

Episode 4 Recap

In the midst of the debate team, a member named Shu Ying who we saw at the beginning of episode 1 complains that they have accepted an art student that is unnecessary for the team. Another member said that they needed to have a greater variety of a people in their team and since she is from the photography department, they wouldn’t need to borrow a photographer when they out to competitions. When asked Yi Cheng for his opinion on this matter, he makes no opposition on the matter, which translates into him allowing her to join the team which angers Shu Ying even more because she actually has a crush on him.  From then on you see him discreetly helping Mo Sheng out, leaving a box of cough medication on her desk and speaking up for her while the Shu Ying  keeps creating problems for Mo Sheng.


Even though Mo Sheng is picked on a lot by Shu Ying forcing her to carry lots of food to the club meetings and telling her to prepare the room for debates, she finds enjoyment just by catching a glance at Yi Cheng briefly during the meetings.



Xiao mei  was robbed when she came walking back to the dorm from her partime job at night. Mo Sheng decides to accompany her when she walks back to the dorm from work and skips the debate team. Coincidentally Yi Cheng meets her at a nearby cafe near the firm he interns at and tells her he had voted for her to enter the debate team so it would look bad if she skips out on team meeting. She explains about Xiao Mei’s situation and he decided to let her stay at the place where he interns at so she wouldn’t need to waste money at the cafe and offered to walk them back to the dorm since he was in the area also. This was a chance for them to meet up often so Mo Sheng agreed, however when she got back at the dorm Xiao Mei tells Mo Sheng she had quitted the job in order to not bother Mo Sheng to walk with her every day. They went back to apologize to the boss for quitting the job but they weren’t able to get the job back. She decided to keep the news that Xiao Mei had quitted her job a secret so that she would have a chance to meet up with him.

screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_20622_am screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_20658_am

 We find out that Yi Cheng actually doesn’t need to work on the weekends but he told Mo Sheng that  he also worked on the weekends so that he could meet up with her also. At this point, Yi Cheng likes her but does not show it. That night after he walked her home, she confessed that Xiao Mei had quitted her job but because she wanted a meeting with him she lied to him.


She asks isn’t there something called admitting your mistakes to decrease punishment. Yi Cheng replies that only works for the police. I’m not a police and leaves. When he turned his back we see him grin for the first time obviously happy that she had confessed but he tells Mo Sheng firmly not to follow him.


Mo Sheng thought he was angry at lying to him and offered him yogurt drinks  the next day which he replied, I’ve been wanting to tell you for awhile, those drink makes your stupider.


She then confides Xiao Mei about the drink making her stupider and she should give it to others instead in which Xiao Mei replies: “if it makes us stupid, then let’s get stupid together” and feeds her the drink.


She finally attends a debate team meeting, but the Shu Ying targets her saying she had left for such a long time and does not deserve to be in the club. Yi Cheng speaks up for her and says he made her come since she had neglected her duties. With the competition coming up, other member started saying she is useful to take better photographs of their competition and decided to let her stay.


Right before the competition, Yi Cheng friend offers some lamb roasted on a stick and which the next day, he gets sick but endures through the competition.  Mo Sheng is happily snapping up pics of Yi Cheng during the competition.

screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_21506_am screen_shot_2015-01-27_at_21338_am


What I liked about episode 4 are those tiny moments where you see glimpses of true friendship. Feeding each other drinks and saying let’s get stupid together are all childish acts we experience when we are young that I miss dearly. Those yogurts drink reminds me of the times where I drank them when I was young.

So far I don’t quite like how Wallace plays Yi Cheng. He looks like the whole world is against him and doesn’t have much expressions other than a gloomy look. However I know his character is supposed to put on a strong front of being emotionless so I’ll cut him some slack and hopes he gives me some expressions in the future.

All the character looks so lonely. None of the main characters are truly happy even though they may be smiling that’s why I love Xia Hong’s role. Every time she appears on the screen I swear she brings sunlight into my room.

I was expecting Yu Feng to play a character that falls in love with Mo Cheng but so far none of that is happening.

It looks like I have fallen for another mainland actress. Tiffany Tang is so cute and has such round eyes. I suspect she is wearing contacts in this drama but she looks so young and innocent. She plays the optimistic and cheerful Mo Sheng well yet still embodying a bit a sadness underneath.

From these first 4 episode, I am already hooked onto this drama. I would strongly recommend this drama to people who like romance. I am eager to see what obstacles they will come across and I want to see them get together.

I watched it raw on dailymotion. Just type in the chinese name and it would pop up. Here’s episode 1 of My Sunshine raw it has really good quality 720p and there no commercials too.

For those who need english sub, I know viki is currently in the midst of subbing it. I am actually subbing a bit of it but it takes forever and we also need to wait for the commercials every 5 minutes so please be patient while we are working hard subbing it.

What do you think about the drama?

P.S. does anyone thing that the younger Mo Cheng look like Barbie Hsu?


credits to foohar_2009 at photobucket for the very first image to this blog.


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