Is The New Year of 2015 A Popular Time for Marriages?

There were a couple asian stars that married in January of 2015 that surprised me:

Jay Chou high profile wedding, Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu’s sudden marriage, and probably because the other two were such headliners you didn’t hear about Sonia Siu’s shotgun wedding


Obviously the dreamlike wedding of Jay Chou (36) with Hannah Quinlivan (21) which happened on Jan, 17, a day before he turned 36 took weibo by storm. This is definitely my dream wedding. I love all the wedding pictorials too.

Then a couple days later Jan 21, Nicky Wu(44) announced his marriage with Liu Shi Shi (27) through his weibo with a picture of their marriage certificate and wedding rings. Apparently Nicky’s company had no idea about this until they revealed their marriage to the world on weibo. I had actually thought their announcement of dating was to generate publicity but am glad they were a real couple. Their chemistry and acting in Scarlet Heart has successful converted me into their fan and I congratulate their wedding.

I was even in more of a surprise to find out another one of my favorite taiwanese actress, Sonia Sui (34) got married in Las Vegas on Jan 10 to Tony Chia (36) who is graduate of UCLA and works in finance. She revealed at a end of the year party for a shoe brand that they had a shotgun marriage  after having 4 month  relationship and was introduced by singer Lai Pei Hsia, who she acted with in Mr. Right Wanted, who is her husband’s stepmom. She reveals that she plans to hold her wedding in taiwan in May and feels envious of Jay Chou’s wedding at an English castle but also feels that its too much since Jay Chou has high standards and may give to much pressure to other men.

Happy 2015! Happy birthday my love💝 @arhsieh

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Congratulations to all of them!!!

Pictures to Jay Chou’s wedding found on Jay Chou/Facebook and

picture of Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi’s announcement came from ockoala’s Bucket

News from Sonia’s marriage came from asianpopnews and xinmsn


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