Roommate Season 2 episode 8

Comments from Episode 8 of Roommate season 2


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In this episode I truly feel that Jackson and YoungJi are good friends. They bicker a lot but they still get along well. Truthfully I think you make good friends if you are at the level where you bicker. Strangers are the ones who are polite with each other.

You really see seniority at play in this episode. Lee Dong Wook went to play around looking for black record while the macknaes had to do the chores of carrying back the mill and the iron pot.

JAckson is really funny. I have been noticing him more and more. He carries out lots of conversation and always makes the show interesting. He mentions how the owner of the store places a stick diagonally to block passageway to prevent people from entering her store. In the background, you see YoungJi patting him, trying to stop him from saying that since, its rude. I think if I was on the show, I would have been the same and just keep that in my heart but I like how he expresses his views and it’s quite funny. The owner explains that the stick was actually just a signal that she is not there.

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I also like the part when he was pushing the stone mill on the cart and YoungJi places her hand on the handle. He blantantly says don’t act like you are trying to help me. It just this honest side that makes him look so real and his bluntness shows that they are comfortable with each other.

When Jackson is pushing YoungJi on the mover, YoungJi says I can’t trust you. Jackson quickly takes off his jacket and shows off his muscles while YoungJi pleads him to put his jacket back on. While he is pushing her, Jackson asks YoungJi if she’s okay while YoungJi keeps on asking him if he’s okay since she was worried he would drop her but Jackson replies stop yelling, I think my eardrums are bursting.


Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.55.38 AM Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.55.03 AM Because of how friendly they act toward each other, it looks a lot like they are dating each other. I totally ship Jackson and YoungJi. They naturally feed each other bread and he returns from placing the mill in the car, he just yells bread bread bread while YoungJi feeds him.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 3.59.22 AM Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 3.59.59 AM

When Jackson appears on TV it was cute to see Jackson being excited to see himself on TV. It was nice teamwork to see both of them actively promoting Jackson at the store by yelling around on the street.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 3.54.05 AM

He has been my new bias ever since appearing on the show. He even looks cool just posing on a random street with a millstone. The only person I know from GOT7 is him and I only look for him when he comes on stage.

The beanie really doesn’t look good on Lee Dong Wook. I usually don’t notice these things but once Bae Ok JOng said he looked sick with the beanie on it seemed like that. She is the only one that can say these things to him. I remember in a previous episode she said lee dong wook is ugly because of his sunken in eyes. Lee Dong Wook responded this is the first time I am hearing someone say I not good looking.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 4.05.33 AM

Ryohei’s friend sent them lots of beans however, it turned into work for them. Usually people get delighted when food is sent, however it became a chore to actually make the food. It was a nice gesture from his friend, but ended up being an unwanted gift. Frankly, I think they just took the hard way to do everything. They could have just grinded it up with a machine grinder instead of using a manual stone mill. Or instead of making tofu, they could have made soymilk which is easier.

There is a guest appearance by Suk Chun. I love his personality. He’s open and jokes around too. When he was kissing the dog, once he hears the dog is a girl, he pretends to hate the dog. When he is around, he always makes the mood brighter and teaches the maknae lots of things. His dance to mammamia was also amazing.
Hong suk chan on roommate
I like the pink beanie that Jong Ok makes. SukChan jokes that he’s a strawberry.

Dong Wook’s third grade journal brings me back memories. It makes me wonder what I wrote when I was young. He writes: If the person who invented studying is still alive, I will take a bat and whack him on the butt. I got yelled at by mother today for not studying. At some times I resent a lot but when I think about it, its my fault for not studying. It’s cute to read through a kid’s diary.

Kim Hyung Sik-Love by my Side that was played near the end – I recognize the chinese version of it.

Kook Ju raises a good point at the end. She was really happy when people came to see her and laughed and clapped for her. However as she was getting popular, she didn’t get the time to do hobbies and things that she liked. I think this happens to everyone. When they first start out, they need to work hard in order to get their name out and get noticed. However once they are famous, they get so overworked, that living a normal life isn’t possible. Hong Suk Chun mentions that there are lots of people who dream to be in their place right now and everyone should just appreciate this moment. He says there are no ways to satisfy everyone. We as viewers always see the happy and bright side of an entertainer. However the hardwork and sufferings behind the scenes are never known. I like to watch variety shows because it’s nice to be able to hear their true feeling.

To me this is a must watch episode. The interaction between Jackson and YoungJi make me ship them so badly. Hong Suk Chun also makes a guest appearance and is a delight to watch. I love how this season of roommate of much more merrier and everyone seems genuinely closer with each other.


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