Cruel Romance

New upcoming drama Cruel Romance aka 錦繡緣•華麗冒險 is supposed to air after Legend of Fragrance at about Feb? It’s categorized as an romance with action and is based off of the novel The Fate of Jinxiu (錦繡緣).

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Best Time Review

Best Time aka Secrets Hidden By Time aka Most Beautiful Time aka 最美的时光 Review


Synopsis: Su man (played by Janine Chang) is a successful career woman but at the age of 25 she still hasn’t dated yet because of her one-sided love for her college senior Song Yi (played by Jia Nai Liang). She loses contact with him after he goes abroad and coincidentally meets him again 10 years later. She gets into the company that he works for in order to get closer to him and win him over. Lu Li Cheng (played by Wallace Chung) is a competitive and oppressive workaholic. He has the same position as Song Yi in the company and both are competing for the director position. Seeing Su Mann’s potential, he becomes her direct superior, making her work for him but ends up falling for her while she completes task that he gives her in order to bargain for a switch to Song Yi’s team. Will her love for Song Yi lasts despite another man continually being there by her side?

Broadcast: Nov 20,2013- Dec 22, 2013  with Tian Long Ba Bu following it which is a historical drama also starring Wallace Chung

Episodes: 47 +2 sp… however the person I watched it from on youtube only has 30 ep

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Silent Separation aka My Sunshine Ep 1-4 Recap and First Impressions

Silent Separation aka My Sunshine aka 何以笙箫默 ep 1-4 Recap and First Impressions

I first found out about this drama when someone asks me to help translate the drama on viki. I went into this drama not knowing what the full synopsis is-just something about a lovers beings separated due to some misunderstanding but later meets again but struggles to get back together due to different obstacles.

This drama is more of a romantic melodrama with inner struggle between leads due to misunderstandings.

It is based on a novel By Gu Man’s Silent Separation which is also the same writer as the person who wrote Shan Shan Comes To Eat which was turned into a drama and I had breezed through. Continue reading

The Palace: Lock Heart

The Palace : Lock Heart aka 宮-鎖心玉 Review

Gong palace

Synopsis: Qing Chuan, played by Yang Mi, a modern girl is accidentally transported back into Emperor Kang Xi’s era of the Qing Dynasty. (this is the exact same time period with exact same characters that Ruo Xi has been transported back to in Scarlet Heart). She falls into a love triangle between the 8th prince, played by  Feng Shaofeng, and 4th prince, played by Mickey He. She tries to use her knowledge of the future to keep herself alive in a period where one misstep will cause you to be beheaded.

Broadcast Period 1/31/2011- 2/19/2011

Episodes: 35

Rating: ♥♥♥

I started watching this drama because I am still entranced by Sound of the Desert and can’t get it out of my mind and I still thirsting for some kind of romance that takes place back in the historical time period. While I was searching for historical dramas I found that this one was already making a third season so it had to be good and decided to watch this one.

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Kim Yoo Jung Casted in Angry Mom

kim hee sun kim yoo jung

Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Hee Sun and Lizzy are confirmed for the new drama Angry Mom which will be broadcasted on MBC after Kill Me, Heal Me on Wed and Thurs beginning in March.

Angry Mom is described as an upbeat and heartwarming show where the mom, played by Kim Hee Sun, goes back to high school as an undercover student to help her daughter, played by Yoo Jung, who is being bullied at school. Lizzy will play one of the bullies.

I am currently watching Golden Rainbow where Yoo Jung plays the younger self of the main protagonist and when she grows up, the character is played by Uee. I ended up suffering from withdrawal syndrome ever since she was gone and  watched Love Cell, a cute mobile drama, which was a hit, just to see her but I couldn’t get into it since each episode was so short. However I am glad that she is finally casted in a drama where her character will last throughout the entire course of the drama and not be replaced after the character grows up.

The drama won an award in an open scriptwriting competition last year and is being directed of PD Choi Byung Gil who has worked on When a Man Loves (which I hated) and East of Eden (which is on my ( to be watched list).

Aren’t you glad to finally see her as a main character that won’t be replaced in the midst of the drama?

I am definitely looking out for this when it gets released.

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