IU has worked with both the child and main actor of Iljimae and The Moon Embraces the Sun

So a boring tuesday evening, I am driving home. I turn on my current fav song Another Day by Punch.

While singing along I suddenly got a light bulb moment 💡.

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Punch Sings a String of Drama Hit Songs Flawlessly

I’ve been a huge fan of Punch’s “Stay With Me” ever since I heard it in Goblin. I still haven’t finished that drama though. Too much drama.. too little time.

The thing is once I fall in love with a song, I tend to go crazy and listen to it NONSTOP. Continue reading

Chen Feiyu’s Speech Induces the Audience to Burst into Laughter

New rising actor Chen Feiyu sends a wave of laughter to the audience after accidentally blurted out that he wants others to call him “father” in two years. What he meant to say was he hopes in two years or more, he wants people to know his father as Chen Feiyu’s father and doesn’t want to be famous for being Director Chen’s son. Continue reading

Seige in Fog ep 1-8 first impression

It seems like I either never finish my dramas or after I finish them, I don’t have the time or passion to write about it. So let me just write a quick thought about this drama when it is still relevant to me.

Seige in Fog (人生若如初相见) is a another Chinese drama that’s based off of a novel 迷雾围城 by Fei Wo Si Cun (匪我思存). It’s a melodrama and romance about Yi Liankai, a good-for-nothing playboy from a wealthy military family played by Elvis Han who forces Qin Sang (played by Sun Yi) into marriage after falling in love with her at first sight. Qin Sang is a daughter of a high ranking official but when her family’s status fell, under her mother’s wish, she married Liankai to help her father regain his status. Slowly she falls in love with Liankai  but her first love Pan Jian Qi played by Jeremy Jones suddenly appears and becomes her husband’s assistant. He makes it known to her that he wants her back and stays by Liankai’s side to get close to her. However that isn’t his only goal. He is part of a society with a hidden agenda aimed against the Yi Family. Continue reading

Fabricated City Movie Review

I’m usually not a movie fan. But after a half day of work and an unproductive day of studying, I decided to check out what new movies were out so I can just sit back and relax.

I came across Fabricated City which stars Ji Chang Wook and Shim Eun Kyung. I couldn’t resist the temptation after seeing the amazing poster (totally my type of movie) and the stellar reviews. I should point out that the last half of the movie wasn’t subbed properly so you might want to wait later until all the subs come out, but I sort of inferred.

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